Closeup: (notes on) biology

(notes on) biology

Buy tickets for our July 13 screening, where we’ll be screening (notes on) biology

Georgians Danny Madden, Will Madden and Jonathan Silva formed their collective Ornana Films while they were still in high school (and I suspect that wasn’t that long ago, either). The story of Ornana is an interesting one. In their own words:

once upon a time, ornana films was started by a band of high school kids. they made a bunch of short films—some animated, some not—and pretty soon those films were getting attention, even outside the neighborhood.

since then, others have joined the operation. some brought in from such remote locations as california and new york city. guys and girls with different skill-sets but a common sense of dedication to making movies better.

the latest ornana release, “(notes on) biology,” was nominated alongside productions from Pixar and Disney for the 2012 short subject Annie Award and received the Jury Prize for short animation at this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival.

If you like what they’re doing, Ornana have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their next two projects. Confusion Through Sand is an animated film following a 19-year-old soldier into the unfamiliar territory of battle, while euphonia will be Ornana’s first feature film. It’s ambitious to be launching two projects at once like this, but I’m impressed by their chutzpah. Help them out if you can.

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