We’re Moving to the Carlton!

Carlton Cinemas

We held our last screening at the NFB Mediatheque on John Street a few weeks ago. It’s set to close its cinema in September, so we’ve been looking around for a suitable venue for a few months now. I’m delighted to announce that we’ve found a perfect partner for our series. Starting in October, we’ll be showing at the Carlton Cinemas, conveniently located at Yonge and Carlton, just steps from the College subway station.

The Carlton is an arthouse fixture, first opening in 1981. A recent renovation and new owners have made going to the Carlton a new experience. The cinemas are cozy, between 80 and 120 seats, which will be perfect for our growing community of short film lovers. And for the first time, you’ll be able to buy popcorn and other snacks!

It is very important to me that we keep the standards high for Shorts That Are Not Pants. I didn’t want to ask people to come to a dingy, out of the way space. On the other hand, I don’t have bottomless pockets, so some of the nicer spaces were off limits. And I didn’t want to show in an enormous room where people would spread out all over. I’m hopeful we can grow Shorts That Are Not Pants, but I can’t see us using even half of a 500-seat cinema. The Carlton seems like a great fit, and I want to thank general manager Alan Smith for working with me over the past few weeks.

I hope you’ll join us on Thursday October 11th at 7pm for the next great installment of our little short film series. I promise it won’t be “pants.”

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