Poster Artists Wanted!

I’m a big fan of poster art, both for movies and rock shows, and I was thinking how amazing it would be if we could have a unique poster designed for each screening in our series. It might just be used online, but if there was enough interest, I could see having a limited print run of posters or some letter-sized handbills printed up and posted around the city.

I have zero budget for this at the moment, but thought I’d throw the idea out there for any artists/designers/illustrators out there looking for an interesting challenge. ¬†Get in touch if you have any ideas or suggestions. And if you’re not an artist but know someone, please let them know!

This poster for Blood Simple by Jason Munn is a small example of some of the stuff I like, but I’m happy to look at all different kinds of work.

Poster for Blood Simple by Jason Munn

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