January 2014 Audience Award Winner

I'll Miss You Someday

First of all, a big thanks to the 60+ who joined us at last night’s screening. What a great way to kick off our third season! And though it was a squeaker, how fitting that the film that took our Audience Award was the one whose director drove all the way from Montreal to take part in a post-screening Q&A. Congratulations to Louis Lazaris, we can’t wait to see what you’re working on next!

  1. I’ll Miss You Someday – 15 votes
  2. Swimming Pool – 14 votes
  3. Mae and Ash – 11 votes
  4. Ten Thousand Days – 6 votes
  5. Bad Cars – 4 votes
  6. Je T’Aime (A Musical) – 1 vote

(51 votes total)

If you enjoyed last night’s film’s, why not join us next Wednesday, January 22nd at 9pm at the Royal Cinema? We’re bringing back our crazy Spanish sci-fi lineup (El ataque de los cineastas españoles) and it’s just $10 at the door. RSVP here and see you there!

P.S. Some of the films we showed last night are available to watch (again) online. I’ll add the links in the previous post, too, but here are Swimming Pool, Bad Cars, Mae and Ash, and Ten Thousand Days for your enjoyment!

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