April 2014 Audience Award Winner

Nashorn im Galopp

Thanks to everyone who attended our last screening. Our Audience Award this time was a bit of a landslide, proving that romance will always have a strong appeal, not to mention very innovative filmmaking techniques! Congratulations to Erik Schmitt and his team. Hopefully by the time the Canadian dollar is exchanged for Euros, you can still get more than a few cups of coffee!

  1. Nashorn im Galopp (Rhino Full Throttle) – 21 votes
  2. More Things/One More Thing – 8 votes
  3. The Missing Scarf – 7 votes
  4. Seasick – 6 votes
  5. Marilyn Myller – 4 votes
  6. Notes on Blindness – 3 votes
  7. Death of an Insect – 2 votes
  8. Supervenus – 2 votes
  9. La inviolabilidad del domicilio… – 1 vote

(54 votes total)

Watch for our next screening in July. More news here, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

P.S. Some of the films we showed last night are available to watch (again) online. I’ll add the links in the previous post, too, but here are Notes on Blindness and Death of an Insect for your enjoyment! Be sure to watch this fascinating making-of for Death of an Insect, too.

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