Reel Asian Co-presentation: Hungry Heart

Reel Asian Film Festival 2015

For the fourth consecutive year, we are very proud to be co-presenting a program of short films at the Reel Asian Film Festival. This programme, entitled Hungry Heart, is playing Wednesday November 11th at 6:45pm at AGO Jackman Hall. Here are some details about the films in the lineup:

Still from L'Envoi


Director: Hajime Kimura | France 2014 | 4:20

“In its cage, the bird dreams of clouds.”

This film by Japanese director Hajime Kimura is composed of 2400 images, created one by one with a digital brush.

Still from Quyen


Director: Lucretia Stinnette | USA/South Korea 2014 | 17:00
| Korean and Vietnamese with English subtitles

After the first week of her arranged marriage in a foreign land, Quyen must decide how the next chapter in her life will be written.

Still from Sun


Director: Eui Yong Zong | Canada 2015 | 11:00 | Korean with English subtitles

Sun works at a hair salon at the mercy of the salon owner. One day, she finds out the man she has been secretly in love with is going back to Korea for military service.

Still from Man on the Chair

Man on the Chair

Director: Dahee Jeong | France 2014 | 6:55 | Korean with English subtitles

Evocative and humourous, Man on the Chair is an exquisitely rendered rumination on existence.

Still from Bound


Director: Philip K. Liao | USA 2015 | 11:30 | Taiwanese with English subtitles

In rural Taiwan, a man comes to terms with Confucian filial piety as he and his father work on an orchard, grafting the scion of a Japanese pear tree to the stock of a Taiwanese pear tree.

Still from Three Brothers

Three Brothers

Director: Aleem Khan | UK 2014 | 16:30 | English

Hamid struggles to care for his younger brothers when their father abandons them for Pakistan. A story inspired by true events.

Still from This Home is Not Empty

This Home is Not Empty

Director: Carol Nguyen | Canada 2015 | 3:30

The camera wanders through a miniature house that has been painstakingly constructed out of white paper; the family is absent, questions linger.

Tickets are just $12 and are available online or at the door.

We’re also sponsoring two other shorts screenings at Reel Asian this year, both at AGO Jackman Hall:

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