2020 Festival Colouring Contest

2020 Festival Poster (Black and White)

We’re proud of this year’s poster by Jacob Rolfe and were delighted to use two different colours in our publicity for the festival. But now it’s your turn! Just download a PDF of the poster and colour it in your own way! Winners will receive a free all-access pass to the festival which runs virtually from November 13-22 all across Canada. Though entries coloured by kids are more than welcome, we remind you that the films in our festival are unrated and therefore should be watched by those 18 and over only.

Now let’s see your artistic talents!

You can send images or scans of your completed poster to [email protected]. Winners will be notified by email and winning entries posted on our web site, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.

Download PDF of poster (7″ x 11″)

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