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Toronto certainly doesn’t lack for film screenings. Cinephiles here are spoiled for choice, usually. But when it comes to shorts, things aren’t so great.

Local film blogger James McNally (Toronto Screen Shots) launched Shorts That Are Not Pants (now known as Shorts Not Pants) in December 2009, showing a program of shorts in his apartment to a small group of friends. Several other editions followed, and he soon felt it was time to share the wealth of short film talent with the rest of the city.

Beginning in January 2012, Shorts Not Pants kicked off a quarterly celebration of short film. Since 2018, we have held an annual festival in November. We watch films from all over the world to bring you a curated program of films that we hope will entertain and inspire.

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Who are we?

  • James McNally – Founder and Director of Programming
  • Linda Taillon – Programming Committee
  • Cameron Carpenter – Programming Committee
  • Ariane Molinatti – Programming Committee
  • Shelagh Rowan-Legg – Programming Committee
  • Keith Klegman – Programming Committee
  • Amanda Clarke – Programming Committee
  • Diana Sernick – Programming Committee
  • Heloise Wilson – Programming Committee
  • Isabel Cupryn – Programming Committee
  • Aashna Thakkar – Programming Committee
  • Brennan Tilley – Programming Committee
  • Iris Bagola – Programming Committee

Some Media Coverage

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  1. I will very much like to see The Palace. Can you tell where or who i can contact to get a copy of this film. Thank you.

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