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Reel Asian Co-presentation: Hungry Heart

Reel Asian Film Festival 2015

For the fourth consecutive year, we are very proud to be co-presenting a program of short films at the Reel Asian Film Festival. This programme, entitled Hungry Heart, is playing Wednesday November 11th at 6:45pm at AGO Jackman Hall. Here are some details about the films in the lineup:

Still from L'Envoi


Director: Hajime Kimura | France 2014 | 4:20

“In its cage, the bird dreams of clouds.”

This film by Japanese director Hajime Kimura is composed of 2400 images, created one by one with a digital brush.

Still from Quyen


Director: Lucretia Stinnette | USA/South Korea 2014 | 17:00
| Korean and Vietnamese with English subtitles

After the first week of her arranged marriage in a foreign land, Quyen must decide how the next chapter in her life will be written.

Still from Sun


Director: Eui Yong Zong | Canada 2015 | 11:00 | Korean with English subtitles

Sun works at a hair salon at the mercy of the salon owner. One day, she finds out the man she has been secretly in love with is going back to Korea for military service.

Still from Man on the Chair

Man on the Chair

Director: Dahee Jeong | France 2014 | 6:55 | Korean with English subtitles

Evocative and humourous, Man on the Chair is an exquisitely rendered rumination on existence.

Still from Bound


Director: Philip K. Liao | USA 2015 | 11:30 | Taiwanese with English subtitles

In rural Taiwan, a man comes to terms with Confucian filial piety as he and his father work on an orchard, grafting the scion of a Japanese pear tree to the stock of a Taiwanese pear tree.

Still from Three Brothers

Three Brothers

Director: Aleem Khan | UK 2014 | 16:30 | English

Hamid struggles to care for his younger brothers when their father abandons them for Pakistan. A story inspired by true events.

Still from This Home is Not Empty

This Home is Not Empty

Director: Carol Nguyen | Canada 2015 | 3:30

The camera wanders through a miniature house that has been painstakingly constructed out of white paper; the family is absent, questions linger.

Tickets are just $12 and are available online or at the door.

We’re also sponsoring two other shorts screenings at Reel Asian this year, both at AGO Jackman Hall:

Reel Asian Co-presentation: Rewind, Pause, Play

For the third consecutive year, we are very proud to be co-presenting a program of short films at the Reel Asian Film Festival. This programme, entitled Rewind, Pause, Play, is playing Monday November 10th at 1:00pm at AGO Jackman Hall. Here are some details about the films in the lineup:

Still from Rainy Days

Rainy Days

Director: Vladimir Leschiov | Canada/Latvia 2014 | 8:15

An elderly Japanese man boards a ferry bound for an unknown island. As he looks out over the water, the falling rain triggers a string of memories, including a childhood experience in Fukuoka.

Still from 100 Crushes: The Tie

100 Crushes: The Tie

Director: Elisha Lim | Canada 2014 | 2:00

A father’s gift makes his transgendered child feel loved. “There was such a lifetime of words that I wanted to say to my dad. Instead I just kept saying ‘Thank you’.”

Still from Kore Kara: From Now On

Kore Kara: From Now On

Director: Ivy Yukiko Oldford | Canada, Japan 2013 | 14:35 | Japanese with English subtitles

“Kore kara” is a Japanese phrase used when talking about aspirations and looking ahead to the future. This short film documents kids in post-tsunami Japan, as they look to the future despite the disaster of 2011.

Still from Tears of Inge

Tears of Inge

Director: Alisi Telengut | Canada 2013 | 4:21 | Mongolian with English subtitles

Based on a Mongolian nomadic story, the animation takes place after a camel mother abandons her child.

Still from Kudok


Directors: Cindy Mochizuki, Emma Hendrix | Canada 2012 | 5:30

A conversation with Lennox Johnston-Yu leads us to an imaginary monster by the name of Kudok. This short is taken from an interdisciplinary performance called Mörkö, directed by James Long.

Still from 1967: A People Kind of Place

1967: A People Kind of Place

Director: Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen | Canada 2012 | 20:00

The small community of St. Paul, located 300 km north east of Edmonton, inaugurated the world’s first UFO Landing Pad on June 3, 1967, as a symbolic welcome to the whole world and inter-galactic beings to Canada.

Still from Citrus Paradisi

Citrus Paradisi

Director: Han Han Li | China/Canada/USA 2013 | 11:00 | Cantonese with English subtitles

This animation-live action hybrid revolves around highly subjective and fragmented memories of lost neighbourhoods. Touching upon the problems of gentrification and forced deportation in the old Eastern District of Beijing, the film evokes a soft feeling of melancholia.

Still from A Story of Elusive Snow

A Story of Elusive Snow

Director: Minha Park | USA 2013 | 14:33 | Korean with English subtitles

This is a story of a woman who is looking for the snow that remind her of her motherland South Korea in Los Angeles. A personal essay film about artificial snow playfully explores our desire for illusion and magic.

Still from The Home Promised

The Home Promised

Director: Betty Xie | Canada 2014 | 20:00 | Mandarin and Taiwanese with English subtitles

When residents in an old neighbourhood face eviction, they struggle to fight for relocation. Through this process, they find a home that they never knew they had. As an emerging filmmaker, Betty Xie believes that extraordinary stories are embedded in the everyday life of ordinary people, and she is on a life-long search for the extraordinary/ordinary.


Congratulations to the winner from our October 23rd screening who won tickets to this great programme. We hope you enjoy it! Tickets are just $12 ($10 for seniors and students) and are available online or at the door. As of the date of this post, the online tickets are sold out, but more tickets will be available at The Royal at 6 pm on Friday November 7th, or an hour before the screening on November 10th!

Reel Asian Co-presentation: Counter Move

For the second year, we are very proud to be co-presenting a program of short films at the Reel Asian Film Festival. It’s on Thursday November 7th at 6:00pm at AGO Jackman Hall, and it’s called Counter Move. Here are some details about the films in the lineup:

Still from The Banquet of the Concubine

Director: Hefang Wei | Canada 2012 | 12:19

In the year 746 AD, a banquet is given in honour of the Emperor’s favourite concubine. But can the taste of the sweet delicacies pacify her bitter jealousy?

Still from Treasure Hill Camouflage

Director: soJin Chun | Taiwan 2012 | 2:00

Camouflage is a method of survival. The artist attempts to blend into the environment of a former illegal settlement and residence for ex-soldiers.

Still from My Father, Francis

Director: Casey Mecija | Canada 2013 | 11:38

In the process of creating furniture together, a daughter reveals her love for her father’s lifelong practice of making recycled materials into beautiful objects.

Still from Good Night Sweet Charlatan

Director: La Chunk by Lil’ Lohan | Canada 2013 | 4:05

Back-dropped by the controversy around Blurred Lines and the MTV Music Video Awards, Toronto-based moody synthesizer duo Depression Era treacherously take their stance on the use of TIYF.

Still from Portrait as a Random Act of Violence

Director: Randall Okita | Canada 2012 | 4:20

An act of vandalism is transformed into a monument for reconciliation. A beautifully crafted kinetic sculpture becomes a countermovement and response to violence in history, such as the Asiatic Exclusion League attacks on Asian businesses in Vancouver, 1907.

Still from Lonesome Town

Director: Grace Wang | Canada 2013 | 2:35

Of the most popular seaside towns in America, Coney Island experienced decades of neglect and a super storm that nearly destroyed it. What is left is nostalgia for a past long gone.

Still from Dafeena

Director: Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer | Canada 2012 | 5:25

Bharata natyam is a modern take on one of the oldest classical forms in India. This dance was choreographed by Natasha Bakht, and adapted for this site-specific film shot in a crystal mine and abandoned copper quarry.

Still from Shiro Yagi

Director: Cindy Mochizuki | Canada 2012 | 12:02

An animated film inspired by the last sheet of existing music of the artist’s maternal grandfather, Sueo Mori, written in 1927. Mori was a poet, composer and high school teacher based in Yokohama, Japan.

Still from A Grand Canal

Director: Johnny Ma | Canada/China 2013 | 19:00

Remembered by his 10-year-old son, a captain tries collect a debt to save his fleet of boats. Like a Greek tragedy told with Chinese pop song, the film is a unique twist on personal histories.

Still from Item Number

Director: Oliver Husain | Canada 2012 | 16:00

Influenced by Indian musical dramas of the 1940s and ’50s, Item Number features an elegant woman delivering a melodramatic monologue before the curtain rises. Awarded for Best Contribution to German cinema at Oberhausen 2013.

Still from Conceived

Director: Eui Yong Zong | Canada 2013 | 5:04

Eui Yong confronts his family about the events around his conception, and his mother’s planned abortion.

Tickets are just $12 ($10 for seniors and students) and are available online or at the door. Use the promo code toronto17 to save 25% on tickets bought online!

Reel Asian Co-presentation: Once Lost, Now Found

I am very proud to be co-presenting (along with Asiansploitation) a program of short films at this year’s Reel Asian Film Festival. It’s on Wednesday November 7th at 7:15pm at Innis Town Hall, and it’s called Once Lost, Now Found. Here are some details about the five films in the lineup:

Still from Magical Coincidence

Director: Keith Lock | Canada 2012 | 22:00 | Director in Attendance

Two lonely souls are brought together by strange and fateful occurrences. Ostensibly a romantic comedy, the production of this film is unique; using a coin toss to dictate specific creative decisions including writing, casting, and production. Winner of Reel Asian’s 2011 So You Think You Can Pitch? Competition.

Still from  Guang

Director: Quek Shio Chuan | Malaysia 2011 | 14:00 | Mandarin w/ English subtitles

While his younger brother pressures him to find a job, autistic Wen Guang is on a quest of his own for a very special glass. His obsession drives him and derails his brother’s good intentions. While his brother’s real-world concerns are legitimate, we cannot help but share in Wen Guang’s joy when he finally finds what he has been looking for.

Still from Obake (Ghosts)

Director: Christopher Makoto Yogi | USA 2012 | 13:00 | English and Japanese w/ Eng. subtitles

In lush Hawai’i, an elderly Japanese man lives out his final days in his country home, as this film weaves in and out of his memories. In dedication to the Nisei and Sansei cultures of Hawai’i, past and present converge on the island’s beguiling shores and in the elegant majesty of a single tree. This unconventional ghost story creates a unique, otherworldly feeling all its own.

Still from 108 Prayer Beads

Director: Han Han Li | Canada 2012 | 8:20

Chaos and peace, darkness and light, life and death among the dualities cycling through the dynamic animation of 108 Prayer Beads. Transformation and movement, along with a compelling score, propel the spiritually steeped images through what seems like many other worlds.

Still from That Which Once Was

Director: Kimi Takesue | USA 2011 | 19:50 | Director in attendance

In the not-so-distant future, eight-year-old Vicente struggles with residual trauma from flooding that has left him homeless and orphaned. Kimi Takesue’s beautifully shot and contemplative short explores Vicente’s chance meeting and unexpected friendship with ice-carver Siku, who helps him confront memory and closure.

Tickets are just $12 ($10 for seniors and students) and are available online or at the door. Use the promo code community16 to save 25% on tickets bought online!