Some nice things some of our featured filmmakers and audience members have said about us:

“Short films, and particularly Shorts That Are Not Pants, have played a pretty big role in our relationship. What started as a one-off date to see some Spanish sci-fi flicks, has become a tradition – a tradition that we look forward to every few months. Shorts That Are Not Pants always delivers a fascinating array of films and you never know what you are going to get. One film will have you in tears from laughter, the next will keep you crying as your heart strings are pulled to their breaking point. Short films are really an incredible medium and we are so appreciative of the opportunity to view the films that James curates for each viewing.

Short films became such a defining feature of our relationship that when I decided it was time to pop the question, I took inspiration from James’ amazing short film nights. I ended up renting out a small art space in the city, complete with projector, projector screen, croissants, fake tickets, and a curated list of love-themed short films. After we watched two films, I popped onscreen with my own version of a special short film that I recorded for my now fiancée, poured my heart out, and asked her to marry me. Tears ensued. Everything went flawlessly! My fiancée did not expect a thing when her friend invited her to an ‘indie short film screening.’

This beautiful moment would never have happened without the inspiration of Shorts That Are Not Pants. We have been to a few Shorts That Are Not Pants screenings since our engagement and these nights definitely mean even more to us. So excited for all that you have to offer in 2018!”

Kie Gouveia and Janay Boyce, engaged to be married!

“James McNally is a champion for small films. He was one of the first programmers to see my first short, O Negative, and his recommendation went a long way to getting it shown at TIFF and then at festivals around the world. Shorts That Are Not Pants is a wonderfully intimate little festival that brings short film makers and film lovers together in a dialogue that otherwise would not exist in Toronto. His curatorial eye and his warmth create an atmosphere unique in this city of film lovers.”

Steven McCarthy (Writer/Director/Actor, O Negative)

Shorts That Are Not Pants was our champion when no one else would be! Our short film Weekend Warriors was having a bit of a tough time getting into international festivals so it meant the world to us that James genuinely liked our film and saw an audience for it. We ended up with a great hometown screening with cast and crew, and were lined up with some other top notch shorts. Shorts That Are Not Pants is the shorts gem Toronto needs.”

Shasha Nakhai (Producer, Weekend Warriors, Frame 394)

“James McNally has been a real champion and guardian of short films in Toronto. He was supportive of our short films from the beginning, which meant a lot to us as new filmmakers. Short That Are Not Pants helped us screen the films to a wider audience and also helped us connect with the short film directors and producers in our community.”

Hector Herrera (Director, Typesetter Blues, Half a Pantaloon, The Ballad of Immortal Joe)

“I’ve been very happy to have my work included in previous Shorts That Are Not Pants programmes – James has a great eye, sharp programming instincts and always puts together a great show.”

Sol Friedman (Director, Day 40, Bacon and God’s Wrath, Junko’s Shamisen)

“James is smart, kind, and truly passionate about films, especially shorts. I first came into contact with him after my short film Killer was not accepted to TIFF. James, who had seen it as part of the selection committee, reached out with kind words about the film and an interest in screening it as part of his Shorts That Are Not Pants series. When the film was eventually accepted into the Sundance Film Festival, I got to work with James personally as a filmmaker liaison, and he was incredibly helpful. My film played at Shorts That Are Not Pants shortly after and James curated a selection of fantastic films, from award-winners at Sundance to more obscure but equally amazing works. It was an honour to be included in that lineup, and based on my few experiences with James, I can only imagine how stellar his programming and festival work is in general.”

Matt Kazman (Director, Killer, Flagpole)

“A few years back James started his screening series Shorts That Are Not Pants. Around that time I was making my first short (which was not very good). I submitted it to every festival I could and it didn’t get into a single one. I remember looking at some of the shorts that were doing well that year and arrogantly asking myself, “What do they have that mine doesn’t?” As I got to see them here and there I quickly learned the answer to that question, “They were really really good.” One thing I noticed was that there were a few of my favourite shorts that year which all seemed to be playing this same tiny festival in Toronto. After I made my short The Cub, as if by fate, James opened his mini fest up to submissions. Shorts That Are Not Pants was the first thing I submitted The Cub to and it was the first place it was accepted and screened at. The short went on to play festivals around the world but I’ll never forget hearing the reactions out of Toronto after that first screening.”

Riley Stearns (Director, The Cub, Faults)

“James McNally is an excellent programmer and an excellent human being. He first saw our short film Long Branch when we submitted it to Short Of The Week. Our film had played some smaller festivals and hadn’t made too much of a splash, so honestly, we weren’t expecting to hear back. Not only did James make our film an official selection but he wrote a very articulate and thoughtful review that spread around the internet and gave our film a life we never could’ve predicted. Thanks to him our short film opened up several sexy doors in America by getting our film in front of professional eyes that never would’ve seen it otherwise. He then programmed our short in his wonderfully curated Shorts That Are Not Pants series where we got to see it play on a big screen in Toronto for the first time, along with a handful of other great picks. We’ll forever be indebted to James’ eye for unrecognized talent and for being an incredible champion of short film.”

Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart (Directors, Long Branch, Margo Lily, I Put a Hit on You)